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Level Design Lobby

Oct 26, 2021

Four Years! Crazy to think where this time has gone! I wanted to share an update on what is going on with the channel and what our next steps are moving forward with the podcast!

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Oct 19, 2021

A true pleasure to have Senior MP Level Designer, former Lead Level Designer the incredible Michael How. He joins us all away from the land down under to talk about his experience in the industry and advice for level designers of all levels. 

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Oct 12, 2021

Another month, another great round-up of incredible resources for us all to learn from. In this mini-series I talk about some of my personal fav resources I have found over the past month for us to enjoy and grow from. 
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Oct 5, 2021

Been too long, but Dan is back on the show to help us answer your questions about Level Design. We go through a few of your questions and do our best to answer them and point all of you lovely people in the right direction. 
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